Our lovely suppliers

Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm in Ryther

Supplies: Spring onions, cabbage and strawberries.

Malcolm’s farm is 5 miles away in Ryther and he is one of our top growers for spring onions, cabbage and juicy strawberries.


Dave in Cawood

Supplies: Leeks, savoy cabbage, white cabbage, tomatoes, beans, sprouts, pumpkins and iceberg lettuce.

Dave grows an abundance of veg 6 miles away in Cawood providing amazing cabbages, tomatoes beans, iceberg lettuce and the biggest leeks we’ve seen!

Guy Poskitt

Guy in Goole

Supplies: Carrots, parsnips, swede and potatoes.

Guy produces over 50,000 tonnes of carrots every year! And being based in Goole means he can supply us with them which is amazing.

Kilby Family

Kilby Family in Collingham

Supplies: Rape seed oil and briquettes 

They supply us with Rape Seed Oil for cooking, salad dressings, mayonnaise and Rape Seed Briquettes that burn three times longer and twice as hot as wooden logs, they can also be burnt in a smoke free zone.

Colin Smith

Colin in Wistow

Supplies: Broccoli, Romanesco cauliflower, cauliflower, January king, red and white cabbage, leeks, savoy, courgette and sprouts.

Colin has a lifetime of experience growing veg just 8 miles from the farm.

Diane, Monk Fryston

Diane in Monk Fryston

Supplies: Honey

Diane supplies us with lovely honey direct from her apiary in Monk Fryston.